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Installation Warnings

NOTE to Network Users
Warning! Our current software versions are non-networkable.   At this time, you cannot run the software on a network or print from a network printer!   Attempting to use PowerPath on a network is a violation of the PowerPath Software Warranty and License Agreement and may damage all files on the PowerPath program.

NOTE to Current PowerPath Sites -- Back up data before installing!
If you are installing the new PowerPath software as an update to a previous version, the new software will overwrite your old software and your existing data will be transferred into the new software's database automatically.   We highly recommend, however, that you make a back-up of your data before installing the new version as a precaution.   Version 10 includes a backup feature on the Tools Menu that can be used anytime to preserve your data.

If your data is not backed up, PowerPath cannot be held responsible for the loss of information.   In order for the PowerPath software to run correctly, you must have full rights to the temporary folders and the PowerPath directory tree.   Please check with your group's system administrator to acquire access to these areas.

Run a Participant Exception Report after installing!
When updating to a new version of the PowerPath software, there is a possibility that all data entered may not transfer to the new program.   Some fields may have been changed, eliminated or added. The Participant Exception report (found on the Tools Menu) will notify you of any information missing from any program participants.  This information must be added/corrected before reports will print properly.

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