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ESOL Version of PowerPath System

PowerPath now offers a research-based approach to address special learning needs in English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). We refer to those who have a home language that is different than English as Culturally and Linguistically Different.

PowerPath is translated into Spanish and can but offered in Spanish by individuals holding a PowerPath Basic Certification.

PowerPath has two tools to better assess individuals learning English as a second (or third...) language:

¡E   The Culturally Lihguisticly Different Interview (CLD)

¡E   The Assessment of Phonological Skills (APS)

What is cultural difference?

Culture is a difficult concept to define. Generally speaking, culture refers to those whose home lives, values, and daily lives are rooted in backgrounds and customs that differ from the mainstream middle-class American culture.

The world of education and the workplace has become increasingly more aware of and sensitive to these cultural differences. People of different cultural backgrounds generally experience educational and workplace settings differently than mainstream individuals. Many books and articles have been written on the subject, and many lawsuits have forced organizations to address what happens when cultures clash in the classroom.

Is PowerPath suitable for persons that are culturally and linguistically different (CLD)?

PowerPath’s interventions are highly individualized. Because PowerPath’s screenings look at essential learning functions and skills and do not label disabilities or other negative behaviors, the PowerPath system can be comfortably used with or adapted to learners from almost any cultural background.

PowerPath’s Specially-Designed CLD elements include:


PowerPath’s Specially-Designed Assessment of Phonological Skils includes:

  • Screenings for:  Phonological Processing Skills and Phonological Memory
  • User's Guide and Screening Plates
  • This easy to use screening offers the clearest picture of where individuals struggle with reading and speaking English.
  • Specific remedial strategies are recommended for areas of challenge


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